New resources to help you get your research published and to give it maximum impact

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New resources to help you get your research published and to give it maximum impact

[Wpis gościnny, autor – Mark Robinson, Communications Manager w wydawnictwie Taylor & Francis]

‘Publish or perish’ used to be a common mantra in academic circles; that to succeed in higher education you need to be accumulating publishing credits. Although the phrase is now less often heard, it is still very much the reality. Researchers around the world are facing pressure early in their careers to publish frequently in international journals. This can be a daunting and confusing prospect if, understandably, your focus has been on actually doing your research.

The demand to publish is now increasingly coupled with an expectation that the published research must have a clear impact. Not just an impact on other scholars, measured by journal citations over the coming years, but also an impact on society, industry, or culture.

In this short blog post I want to introduce you to some of the resources we’ve recently produced at Taylor & Francis to support researchers in meeting these twin challenges. We hope these guides will help you to both get your research published and to ensure that work has maximum impact.

Taylor & Francis Author Services

Whatever stage you’re at in the process of publishing a journal article, Taylor & Francis Author Services has been designed to give you all the information you need. From tips for choosing which journal to write for, through preparing your submission, to post-publication promotion, Author Services guides you step by step.

The Author Services site is also home to a wide range of resources for researchers at all stages of their career, including:

How Researchers Changed the World: podcasts and online learning program

Every episode of the How Researchers Changed the World podcast features one passionate researcher and the story behind a piece of research that has gone on to impact the world we live in.

Alongside the podcast we’ve also developed two free 12-week online learning programs to help you change the world. Early-career researchers receive a complete guide to getting their work published and establishing their research profile. The mid-career researcher program builds on this, covering topics such as making connections with policy-makers, boosting online visibility, and working with journalists.

15 minutes to develop your research career

Each episode of this free podcast series tackles a different practical area of professional development for researchers. Recent episodes include:

  • Getting published for the first time
  • Making your research open
  • Public engagement in research
  • Academic mentoring

Taylor & Francis Insights

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Mark Robinson is Communications Manager at Taylor & Francis Group, with over 15 years’ experience of marketing and communications for academic publishing. In his current role, which includes overseeing the Taylor & Francis Author Services programme, Mark’s aim is to help early career researchers get published in academic journals and to maximise the impact of their work.